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Planning and consultation, Project development, Benchmark, Feasibility analysis, Manufacture of samples, Final Production, sales and marketing planning

Private Label
We are a full-line private label manufacture which makes your product stand out for its looks. With our wonderful experience, we help you from choice of packaging decision for best product to the shipment of your product.
Research & Development
Build your brand with our Professional Research and product development team. In Simya Aroma laboratory We are capable of develop and create cosmetic, skin care and hair care products for maximum efficiency of your expectations and build it the way you want. The main goal of our R&D department is to enhance natural and functional ingredients’ qualities into the best quality of raw materials that provide our customers with products that rely on the latest research.
We serve you all available high-quality fragrance from natural and best quality of raw materials We will serve you by customizing any formula to meet your requirements. we can advise formula and fragrance suitable for your area.
Packaging & Label Design
Part of simya aroma service for our clients is sourcing the packaging materials ourselves. We make it easier for our clients as they do not have to do the sourcing. Our expert in design provides professional design service and attractive packaging Solutions at the best price and in accordance with the latest trend for your product.
1 - Bringing joy of smart packaging.
2 - Plastic bottles
3 - Glass bottles
4- Aluminum bottles
5 - Volves in different size
6 - Triggers in different models
7 - Caps

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